G’day, and welcome to our dream trip!

This is the first post on our blog (woohoo!) and I’ll use it to introduce ourselves, our pooch, our setup, and our plans.

The first introduction I’ll make is my own; I’m Brooke, the writer of the family! I’m a 24-year-old hairdresser-turned-aspiring-journalist and I’ll be using this blog to explore my writing abilities and will do my best to share the realities of our trip with you.

Ben and I have been dating for nearly seven years now. He’s the closest thing to a ‘jack of all trades’ that I have ever known, as well as a pretty great driver and navigator (thankfully, ‘cause I can barely tell my lefts from my rights). At home, he mainly works as an IT technician, so if you notice any glitches in our site, he’s probably the one who’ll be fixing it!

We’re on the road with our six-year-old baby-boy. He’s incredibly smart, sweet and well-behaved, albeit a touch spoilt.  While we love him like he’s our own child, we met Captain in a shelter about five years ago. Ever since we took off, he’s been learning new sights, smells and routines and its loving his new nomadic life!

So, there’s the introductions out of the way, now it’s time to talk about our trip!

This trip was our #1 goal for about three and a half years before we actually took the plunge. At times it seemed utterly unreachable, but we persisted, collecting handy items and adding on bits to Ben’s work ute until the idea of driving into the sunset became a reality. When our new home was finally fully formed, it was a 2010 Triton and an EzyTrail camper, and it was driving from coastal Victoria towards South Australia’s winery regions.

That was six weeks ago, and rest of the story is ripe to be shared.

I hope that by sharing all the goods and the bads of our trip; the lessons we’ve learnt; and what we have found to be the ‘nature of touring’, we can aid those planning to join us out here and inspire those not previously interested to get out and give it a go.

I truly hope you enjoy reading about our trip half as much as we have enjoyed living it, ‘cause I don’t think life could get much better than this!

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